Comstock Park DDA to install bike repair station

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A do-it-yourself bicycle repair station is now available to riders on the White Pine Trailhead in Comstock Park. The repair station, purchased by the Comstock Park Downtown Development Authority, is the first on the 92-mile long White Pine Trail that starts in Comstock Park and goes to Cadillac. It is located at the intersection of the Trail and Lamoreaux Ave. NE. by Dairy De-Lite in downtown Comstock Park.

The repair station has two arms that hold a bike while being repaired. The station, approximately five feet tall, has bike repair tools tethered to the top and a manually operated tire pump on the side. There is a sticker with a QR Code. Users who have an app can use their cell phone to access the QR Code which takes them to a web site with instructions on how to use the repair station.

Photo 1: Former DDA Board member Larry Roelofs, his grandson Christian Roelofs, and current Board member Nick Purwin at the new bike repair station. Roelofs and his grandson installed the station July 14.

Photo 2:  There is a sticker with a UR Code that takes users to a web site with instructions on how to use the repair station.

For more information about the White Pine Trail see:
Comstock Park Downtown Development Authority
P.O. Box 333
Comstock Park, Michigan  49321