Meat Market to Open in Comstock Park

Dokl’meatmarket2s Meat Market is set to open April 10 with or without Internet services. Owner and Comstock Park resident Hans Dokl said problems with an Internet connection delayed a hoped for March opening of the much anticipated market, located at 4615 West River Drive in Comstock Park. If the problems aren’t solved, Dokl said he won’t be able to process credit cards and is asking customers to use checks or cash until he has Internet.

The market offers “the kind of raw meat most meat counters have,” said Dokl, adding the meat will be from Michigan sources as much as possible. Besides fresh beef, pork, and chicken, Dokl’s will carry deli meats, cheese, and house made brats, kielbasa, and other sausages, as well as smoked items such as house made beef sticks and jerky. There will also be convenience items like milk, eggs, bread, catsup, mustard and other condiments, and sour cream to make spreads. Dokl plans to offer specials like a half side of ribs for a quick lunch pick up. Something like stuffed chicken might be an occasional special, and he plans to carry fresh fish.

The market is 1100 square feet with a sixteen foot display case in the storefront sales area where people can also pick up other items. The rest of the space includes a commercial refrigerator, meat freezer, and work area.

Dokl is originally from Austria where he trained to become certified chef. He worked at hotels and restaurants in Austria, Germany and Switzerland, before moving to Michigan in 1987 to work as a chef at the Grand Hotel on Mackinac Island. He lived on the Island during the summer, and worked as a chef in a variety of states during the winter, before moving to the Grand Rapids area to take the position of executive chef and director of food service at the Grand Rapids Public Museum.

“I’ve always wanted to strike out on my own, and the right spot became available,” Dokl said of his decision to open his own meat market. “It was between (opening) a restaurant and a meat market.”

Dokl’s and his wife Donna, who is originally from Comstock Park, live in Comstock Park. She works at the Railside Golf Club in Byron Center as event coordinator. They have two children ages 18 and 11. Dokl said family members will help out at the market to start, and he will likely hire employees in the future. (April 2017)
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