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Comstock Park Community Plaza is Getting Bigger

Work has begun on extending the Comstock Park Community Plaza on the corner of West River Drive and School Street into the adjacent lot.  The Comstock Park Downtown Development Authority is continuing its efforts to clean up the vacant lots and make them attractive and usable.Community Plaza

Already old scrub trees and brush have been removed, and grading is being done so the slopes are manageable and can be mowed.  The existing sidewalk that was right next to West River Drive has been removed and will be relocated away from the street for safety reasons.  Other work will include construction of an approximately two foot retaining wall, planting maple, spruce, and pine trees, as well as shrubs, and installation of underground sprinkling.  A flag pole will be put in the existing part of the plaza.  The new part of the plaza will not have lighting, benches or waste receptacles like the existing part.  The project is expected to cost approximately $89,000.

The first phase of the plaza was built in 2016-2017.  The DDA purchased the vacant lots along West River Drive, which were an eyesore and harbored undesirable plants and small animals, intending to improve them and create a better image for people coming into the downtown area.  The work on the extension is expected to be completed in late August.

Comstock Park Downtown Development Authority
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